About me

I’m a communications professional, cultural critic, social media enthusiast and overall droll individual with severe addictions to television, books, clothes, shopping, creative writing and my Blackberry.

As a teenager I carried around a wallet-sized card stating everyone is entitled to my opinion. Not much has changed since I graduated from high school. I’m still a sassy and vivacious (but well-mannered) young woman, with thoughts I’d like to share on a variety of topics, including fashion, beauty, celebrities, pop culture, trends, fine dining (wine is a food group, right?), TV shows, and books.

I showed a gift for style and consumerism at an early age, and when I’m not exercising—which consists of me scoping the local mall in search of the Next Great Purchase—I’m either continuing my education with the latest issue of Lucky magazine, further mastering the art of being a couch potato (but with distinctive elegance—no Snuggies for me) or blogging about whatever’s caught my fancy.

So read on and add some elan to your life.


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